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Project Name Client Date
ATCT Tracon Bldg Phase II HNTB Corp./Louisville, KY 11/9/95
ATBM Part B LAIP Construction HNTB Corp./Louisville, KY 6/13/97
LIA Precast Panel Modifications Messer Construction Co. 9/4/03
NTS Hanger N.T.S. Construction Co., Inc 1/21/88
Regional Airport Authority HNTB Corp./Louisville, KY 9/23/88
RAA Item 7 Mid Field Access Rd Qk4 12/1/89
RAA Item 1 Crittenden Dr RR Qk4 12/1/89
Regional Airport Authority I HNTB Corp./Louisville, KY 8/1/90
RAA Utility Design Services Qk4 10/25/90
LAIP Quick Turnaround Qk4 7/27/92
Evansville Airport Blankenberger Brothers 11/6/92
ATCT Tracon Building HNTB Corp./Louisville, KY 4/20/93
ANG Admin. Bldg. Redesign Luckett & Farley 9/22/93
Evansville Airport Runway 1836 Rudolph, J.H. & Co., Inc. 7/27/95
Evansville Airport Runway 9 Rudolph, J.H. & Co., Inc. 8/13/96
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Project Name Client Date
Memorial Auditorium City of Louisville 1/17/89
Louisville Ballet New Site Bravura 4/1/94
McCauley Theater Bravura 1/6/95
Louisville Ballet-Extra Servic Bravura 1/19/95
Louis. Palace Theatre Stage Martinez & Johnson 3/5/99
Louis. Palace Theatre-Lighting Louisville Palace Theatre 2/22/00
Louisville Palace Fire Escape Stairs Louisville Palace Theatre 6/5/00
Louisville Palace Theatre Platform Louisville Palace Theatre 10/19/00
Louisville Palace Basement Framing Mod. Louisville Palace Theatre 3/22/02
Louis Palace Structural Analysis-Grid Louisville Palace Theatre 2/10/04
Louis Palace Structural Analysis-Steel Louisville Palace Theatre 2/10/04
ECJCC Campus Commons Amphitheater Potter & Associates Architects 2/22/05
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Project Name Client Date
Highway 62 Bridges PDR Engineers/Louisville 8/1/87
Humble Oil Bridge Corradino Group 4/7/89
Oak Street RR Bridge Crawford & Co. 2/7/90
Green River Bridge Southeastern Real Estate 9/29/92
B-20469 Bridge Over Indian Crk Blankenberger Brothers 10/9/93
Norton Road Bridge Metropolitan Sewer District 5/13/94
Big Run Creek Bridge Metropolitan Sewer District 6/13/94
Big Run Bridge Construction Metropolitan Sewer District 12/21/94
B-21928A Vanderburgh Co Bridge Weddle Bros. Construction Co. 7/27/95
B-22238A Ripley County Bridge McAlister Excavating Co., Inc. 1/26/96
B-22239A Vermillion River Brid Hornback-Sickler Corp. 1/29/96
B-21937 Montgomery Co Bridge Hornback-Sickler Corp. 2/6/96
Gheens Academy Catwalk Jefferson Co. Public Schools 3/6/96
B-21781A Bartholomew Co American Contracting Services 5/6/96
Taxiway Bridge Over Crittenden Qk4 12/7/98
Ohio River Bridges Community Transportation Service 7/19/00
COE Brookville Reservoir Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE Littcarr Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE West Fork Buck Creek Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE Caesar Creek Lake Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE East Fork Reservoir Harsha Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE Salamonie Lake Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE CJ Brown Lake Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE Mississinewa Lake Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/6/00
COE Taylorsville Lake Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/21/00
COE Cagles Mill Lake Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/21/00
COE Cecil M. Harden Lake Bridge U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9/21/00
Marriot Hotel Pedestrian Bridges Ratio Architects, Inc. 4/2/03
Marriot Hotel Ped Brdg-Extra Ratio Architects, Inc. 1/8/04
Hyatt/Marriot Walkway Berry, K Norman Assoc. Arch. 5/19/04
Pulaski & Barren River Bridge Kenvirons, Inc. 2/22/06
Harlan Co. Bridge Calcs Kenvirons, Inc. 06/10/08
Warren Co. Bridge 95 Heritage Engineering, LLC 02/26/09
Vigo Co. Bridge No. 171 Heritage Engineering, LLC 02/26/09
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Project Name Client Date
Kentucky Building-15th Receveur Construction Co. Inc 2/6/88
Boron Air Supported Building Expert Resources, Inc 3/1/88
Williamson Fibre Products II Wehr Constructors, Inc 7/21/88
Main Street-101 Shuster, Larry 7/21/88
Wal-Mart Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mahan 8/5/88
The Mall-Louis. Shopping Ctr. Louisville Shopping Center,Inc 8/5/88
Nucor Steel Company R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 11/21/88
Blankenbaker Business Center N.T.S. Construction Co., Inc 1/6/89
Hamilton Printing Co. W.L. Martin Construction Co. 4/7/89
Fabripulse Hunter American Air Filter 4/22/89
Riney Bedding Company Riney Bedding Co. 6/9/89
Thornton Oil Lex/SCA Corradino Group 10/2/89
Brownsboro Dev/Dan Jones Brownsboro Development Co. 10/12/89
Reynolds Metals Camp Dresser & McKee 10/13/89
Astrogel II American Air Filter 11/10/89
Hartford Steam Henry Vogt Machine Company 11/13/89
Astrogel II/Hewlett Packard American Air Filter 12/6/89
Beckort Store Anderson Design Group 1/27/90
West Main Street-101 Ph II Mulloy Properties 3/30/90
Penske Truck Waukegan, IL Potter And Cox 4/6/90
Blankenbaker Phase II N.T.S. Construction Co., Inc 4/27/90
Bishop Lane Plaza Underwriters Safety 6/25/90
Progress Paints Richard Petersen, Inc. 6/26/90
Eagle Steel Landrum & Shouse 8/23/90
Gantos-St. Matthews Mall Gantos, Inc. 9/15/90
Louisiana Dock Company Louisiana Dock Co. 3/12/91
Bishop Lane & Pinewood Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 6/11/91
Nutrician Center Scott, Gary Architect 8/1/91
B.F. Goodrich Foundation BF Goodrich Chemical Group 8/13/91
Rohm & Haas Abel Construction Co. 9/16/91
Turbo Power/AAF American Air Filter 9/30/91
National Lighting Standard Bluegrass Crane & Hoist Co. 3/26/92
Madrid Building Potter And Cox 4/13/92
Vulcan-Hart Corporation PMI Food Equipment Group 5/1/92
Findley Adhesive Dahlem Construction Co., Inc. 7/31/92
Hyden Bank Potter And Cox 9/24/92
Salts Marine Company Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 10/29/92
Welders Supply Co. Welders Supply Co. of Louis. 12/14/92
Thornton Oil Lexington Hempel + Paul & Associates,Inc 12/31/92
Fort Nelson Building Underhill Associates 1/27/93
Bart Electrical Inst. House Fabricated Metals Corp. 2/11/93
Doctor Honda-820-822 E. Main Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 5/18/93
Studebaker Building Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 6/15/93
Bingo Parlor Underhill Associates 8/18/93
AAFES Bldg Wright Patterson David Construction 9/29/93
Bachman Chevrolet Crawford & Co. 1/27/94
American Standard American Standard 1/31/94
IRS Covington Brazley & Brazley Inc. 8/4/94
Whitney Young Instruction Potter And Cox 10/7/94
Madrid Bldg/Hilliard-Lyons Hilliard-Lyons, Inc 10/21/94
Liberty National Bank US 62 Potter And Cox 11/21/94
ZML-1465 So. 4th Street Hanover Insurance Co. 11/22/94
Advanced Auto Technology Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 2/22/95
N.E. Roof Modifications BJK Industries, Inc. 3/22/95
FM Services Inc. Building FM Services, Inc. 5/4/95
Whitney Young New Shop Bldg Potter And Cox 7/20/95
Hesco Auto Parts Abel Construction Co. 9/22/95
Cardiac Rehab Center Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 12/30/95
Breckinridge Business Center Helm Dischinger 5/6/96
AT&T Addition PDR Engineers/Louisville 5/21/96
Oxmoor Center Dahlem Construction Co., Inc. 11/21/96
Ft Nelson Bldg Structural Eval Primco Capital Mgmt. Inc. 12/2/96
Cards N Things Baumgardner-Hogan, Inc. 2/11/97
KY Mirror & Plate Glass Derek Engineering, Inc. Contr. 4/7/97
David's Antique Shop Skiles, David 12/1/97
Seven Counties Services Bullit Bravura 5/15/98
Grissom Civil Engineer Bldg David Construction 7/22/98
Best Stamp Co. Joe James Construction Inc. 2/22/99
Grissom Civil Eng Bldg Extra David Construction 4/6/99
Grissom Brick Deflection David Construction 4/22/99
Central Cardiology Associates Central Cardiology Associates 9/22/99
Bittersweet Shopping Center Etchen, Fred 10/6/99
O'Malley's Corner Dance Floor O'Malley's Corner 11/4/99
Bittersweet/E&R-P.O. 01019 E&R Industries 1/20/00
K-Mart Property-P.O.#68358 Pulau Electronics Corporation 7/21/00
Louisville Zoo Gift Shop CLR Design, Inc. 11/21/00
Highland Collision Center David Construction 1/19/01
Louisville Zoo Gorilla Forest Fdn Redesign CLR Design, Inc. 4/25/01
Federal Express SanFrancisco, CA-PO00020580 Ziniz, Inc. 10/25/02
Frenchburg Job Corp Center Potter And Cox 4/2/03
U Of L Chemistry Bldg./Scarborough Scarborough Mechanical Service 4/17/03
Yew Dell Gardens Barn Yew Dell, Inc. 11/7/03
Tonini Building Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 11/21/03
Spring St. Jeffersonville Fire Report Jeffersonville City 1/15/04
Spring St. Jeffersonville Fire Stabilization Historic Landmarks Fdn of IN 1/15/04
Jeffersonville Fire-300 Spring Stabilization Historic Landmarks Fdn of IN 2/3/04
Wal-Mart/Sam's In Clarksville Weis Builders, Inc. 3/4/04
Earle Clements Material Handling Potter & Associates Architects 1/19/05
Baxter Avenue - 810 D. Becker Design & Constructio 4/11/06
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Project Name Client Date
Kaden Tower Kaden Management Co. 4/19/88
B & W Print Shop Brown & Williamson 11/21/88
B&W Building/P&C Potter And Cox 9/13/89
Capital Holding Corradino Group 9/15/89
B&W HVAC Oxford Properties 1/2/90
B&W Tower-Oxford Properties Oxford Properties 3/22/93
Humana Plaza Potter And Cox 11/15/93
National City Bank Building Louisville Development Authority 11/30/93
Humana Building 7 Potter And Cox 12/30/93
Humana Building #12 Sign Potter And Cox 3/2/94
B&W Stair Opening Potter And Cox 3/28/94
Humana Bldg 7 Load Estimate Humana Inc. 7/21/94
Meidinger Tower MCI Potter And Cox 1/6/97
National City Bank Bldg/PDR PDR Engineers/Louisville 11/7/97
Meidinger Twr 23 Fl Filing Sys Arthur Andersen LLP-AOC/AP 8/20/99
Meidinger-Mercer Data Center Potter And Cox 2/21/01
Clock Tower Building Potter And Cox 8/22/01
Kaden Tower Sunscreen Column Rehab. Kaden Management Co. 8/21/02
Meidinger Tower 24th Floor Ph. 2 Mercer Meidinger 8/5/04
Meidinger Tower 6th Floor Analysis Potter & Associates Architects 02/08/07
Meidinger Tower 2nd Floor Meidinger Tower LLC 02/08/07
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Project Name Client Date
Kendall Plant Conveyorization, Inc. 10/15/91
Advanced Chemical Tech./BBI Brazley & Brazley Inc. 10/11/93
Lauhoff Corn Milling Facility C & I Engineering, Inc. 12/21/94
BJK Industries David Construction 2/15/95
College Ind Park Bldgs 4&10 Ray & Associates 11/3/97
College Industrial Park Truss Ray & Associates 4/14/98
Acoustical Drywall WPC Contractors 3/4/99
Montaplast Plant Expansion Calcs. Montaplast of North America 6/7/00
Bridge Crane Bldg Inspect/Thorn-Orwick Thorn & Orwick, Inc 4/19/01
College Industrial Park Ray & Associates 8/7/01
U Of L Research Bldg. Belknap Campus Omni Architects 10/17/01
UPS Repair Shop Building UPS 12/6/01
U Of L Research Bldg Belknap Quad Re-design Omni Architects 9/9/02
College Ind Park Truss Inspection Ray & Associates 4/16/03
Jeff Boat Movable Bldg. W/crane Jeffboat, Inc. 11/3/04
College Ind Park Truss Reviews 3-06 Ray & Associates 4/11/06
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Project Name Client Date
First Unitarian Church Grossman Chapman Klarer 5/1/87
Buechel Park Baptist Church Buechel Park Baptist Church 6/22/88
Eminence Church Architectural Directions 10/4/88
Quinn Chapel AME Church McIntyre & Horton, Inc. 7/7/89
Fifth Street Baptist Church Crawford & Co. 6/22/90
Cathedral Steeple Brown, Todd & Heyburn 8/6/90
W Chestnut St Baptist Church Anderson Design Group 10/18/90
Trinity Presbyterian Church Hanover Insurance Co. 1/29/91
Abbey Of Gethsemani Ed Ely & Associates 2/7/91
Ascension Church Grossman Chapman Klarer 3/7/91
West End Baptist Church Williams, Eric & Assoc., P.S.C 10/28/91
Calvery Assembly Of God Brotherhood Mutual Ins. Co. 6/21/93
Cathedral Of Assumption PARCO Construction 9/9/93
Versailles Church Brazley & Brazley Inc. 11/19/93
Arch L. Heady Funeral Home Arch L. Heady Funeral Home 2/4/94
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Brazley & Brazley Inc. 12/7/94
Primitive Baptist Church 12th Crawford & Co. 6/22/95
First Presbyterian Church Scott, Gary Architect 6/26/97
First VA Bap Ch Rgd Fr Des/BBI Brazley & Brazley Inc. 7/10/97
St. Edwards Parrish/PDR PDR Engineers/Louisville 11/7/97
Ascension Luth Church Classrm Grossman Chapman Klarer 6/9/98
New Presbyterian Community Ctr Anderson Design Group 11/20/98
KY Baptist Homes For Children-Bullit Co. Scott, Gary Architect 2/25/04
Christ Gospel Churches Intl. Inc. Christ Gospel Churches Intl. 10/08/07
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Project Name Client Date
Glendale Childrens Home Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 07/19/07
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Project Name Client Date
Olmsted Locks & Dam-96639010 Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. 11/1/96
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Project Name Client Date
TARC Transportation Op Bldg Corradino Group 10/31/89
Hilliard Lyons Garage Hilliard-Lyons, Inc 4/5/90
First National Tower Garage JBM Properties Co. 12/26/90
Commonwealth Building Garage Paragon Group 12/28/90
TARC 10th Street Manhole Corradino Group 5/20/91
Scottsburg Fire Department Anderson Design Group 2/11/93
TARC Headquarters Renovation Anderson Design Group 2/15/93
B&W Twr Parking Garage/P&C Potter And Cox 6/2/93
Cabel Street-151 Metropolitan Sewer District 10/25/93
TARC Above Ground Storage Tank Corradino Group 11/16/93
Airside Facility Potter And Cox 6/16/94
Airside/Genco Genco 10/21/94
Morrissey Parking Garage RE/MAX 8/22/95
Montaplast Retrofit Alliance Corp. 3/6/96
Montaplast Retrofit Inspection Alliance Corp. 5/6/96
TARC Facility Rehabilitation Moore, R.W. Consulting 5/20/99
Riverfront Garage Sign 4 8/4/00
TARC Canopy Bracing Moore, R.W. Consulting 9/5/02
LAIP Parking Garage West Atrium Regional Airport Authority 1/23/03
LAIP Parking Garage Pedway Rehab Regional Airport Authority 2/28/03
Brown, Kent Insuldeck Garage Floor Brown, Kent 7/31/03
TARC-Union Station Door Opening Moore, R.W. Consulting 10/21/03
Mason Co. School Bus Facility Scott, Gary Architect 9/15/05
Morehead State University Plant Facility SArchitectural Investments 12/31/08
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Project Name Client Date
Harmony Landing Club House Potter And Cox 12/6/88
KFC Site Design Williams, Eric & Assoc., P.S.C 4/21/89
Urban League Center Anderson Design Group 5/16/89
Friary Grossman Chapman Klarer 8/16/90
Owl Creek Country Club Potter And Cox 9/6/90
Hunting Creek Club House Potter And Cox 8/19/92
Parkland Masonic Lodge Underhill Associates 4/13/93
Arby's Brownsboro Road TBD+ 7/21/93
Wiz Hall Wiz Hall 1/24/94
Louisville Palace Bensinger & Neel, Inc. 5/5/94
Bluegrass Brewing Co. Bluegrass Brewing Co. 10/20/95
Standard Country Club Potter And Cox 12/19/95
Rock Creek Riding Club CNA Insurance Co. 3/6/96
Butler Park Conference Ctr Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 9/20/96
Different Strokes Golf Center Bravura 2/3/97
Mamma Grisanti Swope Design Group 8/5/98
KY Center For The Arts/Bravura Bravura 2/22/99
Jefferson Mall Food Court Maynard's Drywall 3/19/99
NAPA Valley Grill David Construction 7/7/99
KFC/Taco Bell Liebert, Stephen, AIA 7/21/00
Sayre Buttery Dining Floor Lake/Flato Architects, Inc. 12/6/00
Friary/SCB Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 06/11/07
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Project Name Client Date
Findlay Step II/III WW System PDR Engineers/Louisville 5/1/87
Morris Forman Odor Control C Camp Dresser & McKee 6/1/87
Morris Forman Sluice Gate Camp Dresser & McKee 10/15/87
Morris Forman Final EffluentPS Camp Dresser & McKee 10/15/87
Sewer Rehab-15th Street Camp Dresser & McKee 2/19/88
Morris Forman OGA Building Camp Dresser & McKee 4/5/88
West Hickman Creek PDR Engineers/Louisville 4/19/88
Windy Hills Collection Sewer Qk4 5/16/88
Muddy Fork Pump Stn Architectu GRW Engineers, Inc 6/6/88
Muddy Fork Pump Station/GRW GRW Engineers, Inc 6/6/88
Goose Creek James Winstead & Assoc., Inc 7/21/88
MSD Diversion Structure Camp Dresser & McKee 8/1/88
Wilson Creek Interceptor Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 11/21/88
Pigeon Creek Pump Station Thorn & Orwick, Inc 2/16/89
Manchester WWTP Scott, Gary Architect 4/7/89
Morris Forman Bldg-Odor Contro Camp Dresser & McKee 7/5/89
MSD Drainage-Standiford Expans URS Consultants 8/28/89
MSD Clarifiers Lehmann Engineering 2/23/90
Trickling Filter/Bio-roughing Camp Dresser & McKee 5/15/90
Windy Hills Section B Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 2/25/91
Muddy Fork Interceptor Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 9/5/91
Goose Creek Pumping Station GRW Engineers, Inc 9/16/91
MSD Construction Projects/GRW GRW Engineers, Inc 10/7/91
Fishpool Creek Birch, Trautwein & Mims, Inc. 10/11/91
MSD Construction Projects/FMSM Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 1/6/92
Bioroughing Tower Construction Camp Dresser & McKee 2/1/92
Bioroughing Tower Secretary Camp Dresser & McKee 2/1/92
MSD Facilities Master Plan APA Architecture 4/10/92
MSD Construction Projects/Omni Omni Engineering, Inc. 6/22/92
Fishpool Interceptor Howard K. Bell Consulting Engr 8/10/92
McKinley Avenue Sewer Evaluati GRW Engineers, Inc 8/18/92
MSD Combined Sewer Overflow EV Engineering, Inc. 8/31/92
Fuel Contaminated Soil Camp Dresser & McKee 10/24/92
Bioroughing Twr Concrete Test Camp Dresser & McKee 11/1/92
Morris Forman FEPS Constructio Camp Dresser & McKee 12/1/92
Cedar Creek WWTP GRW Engineers, Inc 1/15/93
Leemont Acres San Sewers Birch, Trautwein & Mims, Inc. 4/12/93
MSD Maintenance Yard 17th St. Metropolitan Sewer District 4/19/93
Bioroughing Tower Inspector Camp Dresser & McKee 9/6/93
MF FEPS Construction Inspectio Camp Dresser & McKee 9/6/93
Mill Creek Interceptor Sewers Qk4 9/20/93
Floyds Fork Corradino Group 9/28/93
Cedar Creek WWTP Construction GRW Engineers, Inc 12/14/93
Sylvania Rutledge Drainage Qk4 12/16/93
MSD Various Projects/Presnell Qk4 1/15/94
Whitesburg WTP Camp Dresser & McKee 3/22/95
MSD Stormwater Drng Imp 1763 Corradino Group 2/4/97
MSD Wastewater & Oper MGT Corradino Group 2/4/97
Drainage Request Action Plan Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 6/3/97
Barbour Lane Pump Stn/PDR PDR Engineers/Louisville 9/2/97
MSD Construction Projects/TCG Corradino Group 8/10/98
MSD Construction Proj/Presnell Qk4 6/17/99
Morris Forman Alt Solids Centrifuge Black & Veatch Construction 6/21/00
Southwestern Pump Stn-PO38558-01 CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 10/6/00
Billtown Road Pump Stn. Corradino Group 11/10/00
KY FAC FFA Sewer Design KY Fac Div of Eng & Contr Adm 5/4/01
SWPS Outfall Repair FY02-167594 CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 10/3/01
MFWTP Vactor Pad Phase II-166498.UP.VP CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 1/8/02
Berrytown Wastewater Trtmnt Plnt-166498.AC.SP CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 1/21/02
MFWTP Ferric/Ferrous Imp-166498.UP.FF CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 1/30/02
Nightingale Pump Stn Supports-166498.UP.PS CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 2/7/02
MFWTP Old Headworks Roof Rep-166498.UP.RR CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 2/14/02
Southwest Pump Stn Skylights-166498.UP.SR CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 3/21/02
Prestonburg Raw Water Intake Kenvirons, Inc. 4/14/03
Wood Creek WTP London KY Kenvirons, Inc. 6/17/03
MSD Construction Inspection Services FY08 Metropolitan Sewer District 7/01/07
MSD Construction Inspection Services FY09 Metropolitan Sewer District 7/01/08
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Project Name Client Date
Greensburg Middle School Scott, Gary Architect 11/21/88
Elkhorn Elementary School Scott, Gary Architect 3/28/89
Elizabethtown Vocation School Brazley & Brazley Inc. 4/20/89
Atkinson Elementary Anderson Design Group 7/24/89
Franklin Co High School Scott, Gary Architect 12/6/89
Central High School Anderson Design Group 12/6/89
Collins Lane Elementary Scott, Gary Architect 3/1/90
Central High Load Test Anderson Design Group 6/19/90
Scott School Argabrite Associates, Inc. 2/14/91
Scott School Truss Argabrite Associates, Inc. 5/24/91
Hearn School Scott, Gary Architect 5/29/91
Kentucky School Board Assoc. Scott, Gary Architect 10/27/92
Saffel St Elem Classroom Add. Scott, Gary Architect 12/16/92
Anderson County School Scott, Gary Architect 12/30/93
Playworld Child Development Ct Crawford & Co. 1/28/94
Newburg Middle School Anderson Design Group 4/19/94
Valley School Bldg Alterations K & M Crafts of Kentucky, Inc. 10/6/94
Anderson Co. High Cafeteria Scott, Gary Architect 4/4/95
Saffel St Elementary Cafeteria Scott, Gary Architect 4/4/95
Ward Elementary Cafeteria Scott, Gary Architect 4/4/95
Newburg Mid School Extra Serv Anderson Design Group 9/21/95
Williams Middle School Anderson Design Group 11/3/95
Newburg Middle School Marksbury-Cornett 2/6/96
Holland Elementary School Southwest Dubois School Corp. 10/22/96
Allen County School Scott, Gary Architect 11/11/96
Franklin Co High W Wing Renova Scott, Gary Architect 11/21/96
Williams MS Neighborhood Place Anderson Design Group 1/6/97
Clinton County Middle School Clinton Co. Board of Education 3/26/97
Albany Elementary School Scott, Gary Architect 5/8/97
Christian Academy/PDR PDR Engineers/Louisville 10/22/97
Williams M.S./Marksbury Cornet Marksbury-Cornett 11/6/97
Franklin Co. High/Derek Eng. Derek Engineering, Inc. Contr. 1/6/98
U Of L Research Building Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 1/12/98
Franklin Co High School Band Scott, Gary Architect 8/6/98
Fleming Co. Elementary School Scott, Gary Architect 8/9/99
E-town C.C. Student Center KY Fac Div of Eng & Contr Adm 2/7/00
E-town C.C. Science Bldg. KY Fac Div of Eng & Contr Adm 2/7/00
Franklin Co. High Ph. IV Scott, Gary Architect 2/9/00
Sayre School Proj I-New Middle School Lake/Flato Architects, Inc. 5/5/00
Sayre School Proj II-New Buttery Lake/Flato Architects, Inc. 6/19/00
Green County Elementary School Scott, Gary Architect 7/6/00
Sayre Buttery Eco. Alt. Studies Lake/Flato Architects, Inc. 12/14/00
Sayre Buttery Extra Work Lake/Flato Architects, Inc. 12/19/00
Fleming Co. Ewing Elem. Additions Scott, Gary Architect 3/20/01
Fleming Co. Ward Elem. Additions Scott, Gary Architect 3/20/01
Fleming Co. Hillsboro Elem. Additions Scott, Gary Architect 3/20/01
Earle C. Clements-Columns Termite Damage Potter And Cox 3/20/01
Northern Kentucky Community College Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 2/1/02
Adair County Middle School Gym Scott, Gary Architect 8/5/02
Allen County Middle School Scott, Gary Architect 9/16/02
U Of L Chemistry Bldg. HVAC CMTA 9/16/02
Fleming County High School Scott, Gary Architect 5/7/03
U Of L Cardiovascular Innovation Institute Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 9/16/03
U Of L BRB/Extra Services Omni Architects 9/16/03
UofL BRB/CCD Ref Dwgs-BP3 Omni Architects 10/8/03
Mason County Elementary School Scott, Gary Architect 10/9/03
Allen Co. School Bd Admin Bldg Scott, Gary Architect 1/6/04
Greensburg Elem School Pre-K Add. Scott, Gary Architect 1/8/04
Allen Co Int 2nd Fl Slab Calcs Biscan, Robert S. & Co. 1/21/04
U Of L BRB-Chemical Retention Pit Omni Architects 2/10/04
Gateway Com & Tec Revised Fdn Mardis and Meehan Construction 2/10/04
Mason Co. Elementary School Spin Mason County Board of Educatio 2/19/04
Augusta Independent School Scott, Gary Architect 3/4/04
Allen Co Int Sch Mezzanine Slab Calcs Biscan, Robert S. & Co. 7/9/04
Bloomsburg University Vibra-Tech Engineers 8/10/04
BRB Stud Issues Omni Architects 9/21/04
Fleming Co. High Spin Abner Construction Co. Inc. 11/1/04
BRB Nitrogen Tank Fdn. Rev. Dwgs. Omni Architects 11/10/04
Allen Co Voc School Platform Loads Allen Co. Board of Education 2/2/05
Albany Elem Media Ctr. Add. Scott, Gary Architect 4/12/05
Warren Co. Primary Care Center Dixie Insulated Concrete Form 5/4/05
Allen Co. High School Addition Scott, Gary Architect 7/21/05
Allen Co. Middle School Inspection Allen Co. Board of Education 8/31/05
U Of L Cardiovascular - Extra Services Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 12/13/05
Fleming Co. High-Phase 2 Scott, Gary Architect 1/10/06
Tilden Hogge Elem. School Addition Scott, Gary Architect 2/9/06
Green Co Schools Central Storage Scott, Gary Architect 6/7/06
JCPS Pleasure Ridge Park HS Gym Jefferson Co. Public Schools 6/28/06
Green County Central Office Scott, Gary Architect 8/14/06
Cumberland Co. High School Scott, Gary Architect 10/23/06
Clinton Co. Childhood Center Scott, Gary Architect 11/6/06
Green County Intermediate School Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 01/08/07
JCTC Science/Allied Health Building Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 02/21/07
Bazzell Middle School Wall Opening For HVAC Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 03/20/07
Mason Co. Middle School Outdoor Classroom Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 03/20/07
JCPS Bowen Elementary Jefferson Co. Public Schools 04/10/07
Simons Middle School New Handicap Ramp Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 06/20/07
Allen Co Bd Of Ed Food Service Storge Fac Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 07/09/07
Clinton County Athletic Facility Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 08/09/07
Augusta Independent School Renovation & Additions Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 08/15/07
West Point School Renovation & Addition Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 08/15/07
Taylor Elementary School Floor Slab Investigation Bracken Co. School District 08/22/07
Rowan Co. High Dugouts Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 10/15/07
Fleming Co. High Phase 3 Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 01/17/08
Cumberland Co. High School Phase 2 Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 02/04/08
Rowan County Middle School Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 04/29/08
West Point School Addl. Review/EH EH Construction 05/12/08
ECC Culinary Arts Potter & Associates Architects 05/12/08
Western Kentucky University CECO Aire 07/15/08
JCTC Allied Health Extra Services Whittenberg Construction Co. 11/06/08
U Of L Student Act Ctr & Sate. Food Serv. Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 11/06/08
Taylor Elementary Classroom Addition Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 11/10/08
Nicholas Co. High School Addn & Renov. Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 11/10/08
Green Co High Gym HVAC Roof Study Scott, G. & Assoc. Architects 11/26/08
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Project Name Client Date
Franklin Co. High School Eleva Scott, Gary Architect 2/6/95
Franklin Co Health Clinic Elev Scott, Gary Architect 9/6/95
Ewing Elevator SPIN-PO#1541 Abner Construction Co. Inc. 8/16/04
Bush Bldg Elevator Add-DO#D-05214161 KY Fac Div of Eng & Contr Adm 5/4/05
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Project Name Client Date
Holidome Bethel Buildings Inc. 2/19/88
Frankfort Old YMCA Ehrler, Bob 9/13/91
Sports Medicine Facility Nolan & Nolan, Inc. Architects 10/28/93
Whitney Young Job Corp Ctr Potter And Cox 7/7/94
Henry County Bleachers Scott, Gary Architect 10/6/95
AAA Stadium/PDR PDR Engineers/Memphis 11/11/97
Louisville Slugger HNTB Corp./Kansas City, MO 1/6/98
Clinton Co High Athletic Facil Scott, Gary Architect 2/4/99
Clinton Co. High-Stage/Gym Scott, Gary Architect 2/4/99
Louisville Slugger Extra/BMT Barton Marlow Turner 3/19/99
Central High School Stadium Qk4 11/4/99
Whitney Young Gym Const/P&C Potter And Cox 1/5/00
Whitney Young Gym Mech/P&C Potter And Cox 1/5/00
Earle C. Clements JCC-Bldg. 1511 Potter And Cox 3/3/00
Earle C. Clements JCC HVAC Springer Beam Potter And Cox 5/23/00
Louisville Slugger Extra/HNTB HNTB Corp./Kansas City, MO 6/21/00
E.C. Clements-Gym Exterior Potter & Associates Architects 11/21/03
Louisville Arena Walter P. Moore and Associates 02/21/07
Clinton Co Athletic Facility Anchor Bolts Boils Construction, Inc. 11/20/07
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Project Name Client Date
WH Ford Fire T R Ctr Extra/M&W M & W Construction, LLC 2/21/05
WH Ford Fire T R Ctr Extra/Meuth Meuth Concrete Services Inc. 2/21/05
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Project Name Client Date
Outer Loop Drawings Hughes Associated Architects 2/22/89
Dixie Highway Assessment Proj. Qk4 8/15/90
Granger Road Assessment Palmer Engineering 6/22/93
Daviess Co. Owensboro #2-305.0 Kentucky Transportation Cabine 9/30/93
Sally Drive Area Imp. Project Birch, Trautwein & Mims, Inc. 10/28/93
RS-21395A Highway 67 L.P. Cavett 6/20/95
R-22346A SR64 At Franklin Str Law Construction, Inc. 3/21/96
R-22171A Vander-Warrick-Gibson Swank Assoc. Co.'s Inc. 3/21/96
Horseshoe Rd Over Park Avenue Qk4 4/4/96
R-22683B Clark County K & I Construction, LLC 9/5/96
India Madurai Inner Ring Road Commissioner Madurai Corp.(CMC 9/4/97
India NH-45 CRR International Group, Inc. 1/21/98
Westport Road Construction Quest Engineers 8/19/99
India Projects Misc. CRR International Group, Inc. 11/23/99
Westport Rd Trans Stn Extra Quest Engineers 1/6/00
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Project Name Client Date
Franklin County Health Clinic Scott, Gary Architect 3/4/91
Bullitt County Clinic Bravura 1/20/96
Fairdale Clinic Voelker Winn Architects 4/19/96
Fairdale Clinic Revisions Voelker Winn Architects 7/10/96
Fresenius Medical Care Etchen, Fred 08/09/07
Glenview Oncology Center Berry-Prindle Architects 06/17/08
Fort Wayne Oncology Vault Berry-Prindle Architects 07/15/08
Glenview Oncology Center Roof Framing Berry-Prindle Architects 07/15/08
Hyderabad Oncology Vault Berry-Prindle Architects 9/09/08
Ocala Oncology Vault Berry-Prindle Architects 9/09/08
Bio Medical III Structural Services Hussung Mechanical Contractors 9/10/08
Glenview Oncology Ctr Mechanical Screen Wall Berry-Prindle Architects 2/10/09
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Project Name Client Date
Milner Hotel-Louisville Milner Hotel 12/6/88
Canouan Resort Hotel Capitol Engineering, Inc. 6/12/95
Canouan Buildings 4,5&6 Capitol Engineering, Inc. 7/7/95
Canouan Cistern Capitol Engineering, Inc. 7/7/95
Canouan Apartments Capitol Engineering, Inc. 8/22/95
Canouan Bldgs 2,3&18 Capitol Engineering, Inc. 9/6/95
Canouan Bldgs 7,8,9&10 Capitol Engineering, Inc. 9/6/95
Canouan Building 1 Capitol Engineering, Inc. 9/6/95
Canouan Building 19 Capitol Engineering, Inc. 9/6/95
Canouan Reception Center Capitol Engineering, Inc. 12/30/95
Canouan Swim Pool Capitol Engineering, Inc. 1/19/96
Canouan Reservoir Capitol Engineering, Inc. 1/20/96
Canouan Slab Build Capitol Engineering, Inc. 4/5/96
Hurstbourne Hotel & Convention J's Air Conditioning/Heating 4/22/97
Best Western Best Western 11/4/99
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Project Name Client Date
Kon Tiki Apartments Franklin and Hance, P.S.C 1/1/85
Madelon Court-635 City of Louisville 9/3/87
Parkway Village W.H. Brown & Associates 1/20/88
Artisha Jordan Walkway City of Louisville 1/21/88
Martinez Residence Martinez, Arthur 2/6/88
West Main Street-605-607 Cates Co., Harold 5/16/88
Waterson Lakeview Apartments Watterson Lakeview Apartments 8/18/88
Branham Residence Smith & McGee 10/4/88
Alexander Pool Facility Alexander, William 10/20/88
Mayer Residence Potter And Cox 10/26/88
Zorn Residence Zorn, David J. 11/7/88
Juniper Beach Condo W.L. Martin Construction Co. 2/16/89
Kortway-7205 Evola's Good Garage Builders 4/7/89
Spring & Riverside Drive E. H. Hughes Co. 4/19/89
Rice Residence Potter And Cox 6/4/89
Kemper Residence W.L. Martin Construction Co. 6/8/89
Ellis Residence Mathis,Riggs & Prather, P.S.C. 10/7/89
Burton Hills Ashlawn Potter And Cox 3/26/90
Burton Hills Boxmere Potter And Cox 5/7/90
Stony Brook South Potter And Cox 5/24/90
Bonniewood Potter And Cox 6/15/90
Stonecrest Condo II Potter And Cox 12/13/90
West Broadway-4101 City of Louisville 1/8/91
Henry M. Greene Garden Apts. Henry M. Greene Garden Apts. 3/1/91
Arena Residence W.L. Martin Construction Co. 3/13/91
South Fourth Street-520 Stair RLB Properties, ltd. 6/3/91
Huber Residence Keith, Jerry 7/9/91
Shands Residence Professional Land Management 8/16/91
Zorn Residence Deposition Hebel, Hornung & Stilger P.S.C 10/18/91
Frank Lloyd Wright House Brockman, Jane M. 1/23/92
Allen Residence Pool House Add W.L. Martin Construction Co. 1/30/92
Bruce Residence Bruce, Sandra W. 2/26/92
Desai Residence Armer Desai 4/6/92
Droste Residence Radon Analytical Laboratories 5/9/92
Nedelkoff Residence Nedelkoff, Dr. 5/16/92
Sheehan Residence Sheehan, Larry 5/21/92
Dial One Pleasure Valley Smith, Bartlett, Heeke & Carpe 7/2/92
Ellenberger Residence Radon Analytical Laboratories 8/5/92
Hudson Lake Estates Luckett & Farley 10/19/92
Smith Residence Potter And Cox 12/7/92
Trevilian Way Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 2/10/93
Glenhill Manor Howard K. Bell Consulting Engr 2/15/93
Eiler Avenue Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 4/29/93
Guilliom Residence Guilliom, Brian 5/25/93
Palatz Residence Signet Homes 6/4/93
John Residence Monroe Guarantee Ins. 6/29/93
Peter Residence-141 E. Market National Property Inspections 7/9/93
Dumisnil Avenue-2817 Underhill Associates 9/16/93
Wenzel Avenue-509 Crawford & Co. 9/21/93
Abercrombie & Fitch Daniel Cline & Associates, Inc 10/19/93
Frankfort Avenue-2036 Hoagland Comm. Realtors 10/21/93
Cane Run Road-4742 Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 11/9/93
Tillman Residence Tillman, Linda 12/16/93
Beecher Terrace David Construction 2/16/94
Underhill Residence Underhill Associates 6/6/94
Schmuckie Residence Middleton & Ruetlinger P.S.C. 6/9/94
Brandeis Apartments Grossman Chapman Klarer 9/21/94
Village West Potter And Cox 9/22/94
Nolin Lake Cabin Mitchell, Jim 10/7/94
The Hamptons RHR Development Co. 11/4/94
Gagel Residence Gagel, Jerry 12/21/94
Blocksom Residence Blocksom, Bruce W. 1/18/95
Ashwood Bluff Condo Potter And Cox 3/7/95
Cox Residence Summerhill Place Ohio Valley Ready Mix 4/4/95
Oldfather & Morris Building Oldfather & Morris 4/7/95
Bareuther Res-429 Lightfoot Bareuther Residence 4/7/95
Oakdale Apartments Lurding, Carroll 5/4/95
Foley Residence McIntyre & Gilligan 7/20/95
Ehler Residence Ehrler, Bob 8/7/95
Town Hill Houses Moore, R.W. Consulting 10/6/95
Spring Arbor Condo Potter And Cox 12/19/95
Valley Village PDR Engineers/Louisville 3/6/96
Johnson Residence Paul Semonin Realtors 4/5/96
Bowling Residence Potter And Cox 5/21/96
Larson Residence Larson, Keith 6/20/96
Burton Residence Highway Department 6/20/96
Parkview Apartments Harry Lewman Co. 7/3/96
Gordon Residence Metropolitan Property & Casual 10/18/96
Grisanti Residence Potter And Cox 10/22/96
Woldehanna Residence Metropolitan Property & Casual 11/4/96
Payne Residence CL134455DV Metropolitan Property & Casual 11/21/96
Wilds Residence Metropolitan Property & Casual 12/17/96
Degaris Residence Metropolitan Property & Casual 3/17/97
Benner Residence Metropolitan Property & Casual 4/29/97
Welker Residence Great American Insurance Co. 5/6/97
Leafland Place-7203 Paul Semonin Realtors 5/13/97
Clemons Residence Metropolitan Property & Casual 5/17/97
Covered Bridge Road-7123 Tolliver, Ms. Susan 7/24/97
Beecher Terrace Legal David Construction 8/7/97
Kuchenbrod Residence Kuchenbrod, Bill 8/12/97
Neal Residence Neal, Gerald A. 8/21/97
Engleman Residence Engleman, Michael R. 8/26/97
Das Residence Das, Dr. Sabodh 9/5/97
Bright Residence Bright, Don 11/3/97
Baird Residence Baird, Jesse & Carol 11/19/97
Ashby Residence Ashby, Gerald 2/16/98
Greenbaum Residence Harris Design 3/6/98
Cunagin Residence Cunagin, Robert 3/19/98
Elmburg Road-8628 Sherman, Peter 3/25/98
Schuff Avenue-4610 Duffy, Tom 2/5/99
Churchill Estates KLP Consulting Engineers, Inc. 4/6/99
Wood Residence W.L. Martin Construction Co. 6/22/99
Wilson Residence David Construction 9/8/99
Enclave Court-10700 Millennium Construction 12/7/99
Puritan Apts. Elevator Twr Addn. David Design Build Partners 12/20/99
Mintman Residence-Cl#3-442382 Motorists Mutual Ins. Co. 4/7/00
Windsor Gate Condos Residential Warranty Corp. 8/4/00
Grissom ARB Services Complex Ph. I David Construction 11/6/00
West Main Street-819 Harcourt Construction 1/22/01
Johnson Residence Harris Design 4/9/01
Bailey Residence Bailey, Irv 4/20/01
Cherry Residence Harris Design 5/4/01
Hardesty Residence Hardesty, Joe 5/4/01
Crispen Residence Crispen, Dr. Melvin 5/4/01
Ivins Residence Tectonics, Inc. 6/21/01
Danville Arnold Apts. Scott, Gary Architect 7/5/01
River Park Drive-3026 AF Enterprises, LLP 7/6/01
Grissom Extra-David Engineering David Construction 8/10/01
Stephen Residence Castle Construction 8/21/01
Gate House Ellsworth, Tony 9/26/01
Stornetta Residence Stornetta, Lewis F. 11/2/01
Conti Residence Conti, John 5/7/02
Griffith Residence Griffith, Margaret 5/7/02
Halbleib Residence Harris Design 7/16/02
South Shelby Street-766/TDAB&B LLP Tilford Dobbins Alexander Buck 8/7/02
Jamestown Apt. Balcony Etchen, Fred 8/21/02
Cola Commons Apartments Cola Commons, LLC 4/7/03
Rockhill Road-7013 Moore, R.W. Consulting 7/7/03
Hancock Street-839 Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 11/7/03
Karp Residence Harris Design 12/18/03
Cherry Driveway Defects Wehr Constructors, Inc 1/21/04
Clarksdale Housing Redevelopment Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 2/19/04
Clarksdale Collateral Fac/801-805 E. Broadway Kersey & Kersey Inc. 2/19/04
Mockingbird Valley Condo Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 2/19/04
Clarksdale Housing Demolition Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 4/8/04
East Washington Street - 1419 D. Becker Design & Constructio 4/20/04
Clarksdale Seismic Testing Observation Kersey & Kersey Inc. 4/30/04
Zorn Place Condo JBM Properties Co. 6/21/04
National Turnpike D. Becker Design & Constructio 12/30/04
Broadway-801 E/Clarksdale Housing, Extra services Kersey & Kersey Inc. 11/16/04
Conti Vs. Mac Construction Sales,Tillman,Wallbaum,Catlet 10/13/04
E. Oak St.-533/SCB Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 3/10/05
E Clements JCC Independent Living Bldg Potter & Associates Architects 3/18/05
Clarksdale Housing Redev.-16A Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 4/20/05
Clarksdale Housing Redev.-16B Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 4/20/05
Clarksdale Hope VI Excl. 16A/B Construction Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 5/4/05
Groemling Vs. Barlow Homes Stilger, Dennis J., Attorney 5/9/05
Ponder Residence Ponder, Joseph & Judy 7/21/05
Yenowine-Nichols-Collins House Historic Landmarks Fdn of IN 11/11/05
Clarksdale Housing Redev.-Extra Services Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 4/12/06
Story Avenue - 1201 Jakeland, LLC 8/9/06
W. St. Catherine - 532 D. Becker Design & Constructio 8/9/06
Clarksdale Block C Home Ownership Services Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 9/15/06
Broadway, 4106 W. Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 1/8/07
Clarksdale Hope VI Bldg. 14 Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 04/11/07
Dosker Manor Unit 412 Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 06/11/07
Roth Residence Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 10/08/07
Woodside Apts. Concrete Beam Repair Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 01/21/08
Dosker Manor Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 02/11/08
Shelby House Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 07/10/08
Bonnycastle Apt. Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 07/10/08
Bartlett V Design Homes/Scott McClellan Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 10/10/08
Housing Authority Of Danville Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 12/16/08
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Project Name Client Date
Southside Drive Area Drainage Birch, Trautwein & Mims, Inc. 10/20/87
Muddy Fork I&I Removal GRW Engineers, Inc 2/19/88
MSD West County I&I Program GRW Engineers, Inc 4/2/90
Middle Lane I&I Study GRW Engineers, Inc 6/1/90
Robertson Run Drainage Project Qk4 8/6/90
Chaucey Avenue Drainage Qk4 8/15/90
Windrose Way Drainage Study Qk4 8/15/90
Stormwater Drng Imp-Work Order Corradino Group 12/9/92
Stormwater Drng Imp Work Order Corradino Group 6/15/93
Tindor Beelick Drainage Projec Corradino Group 8/31/93
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Project Name Client Date
Owensboro Airport Inspection Services Corradino Group 7/17/99
MSD Construction Proj/Gresham Smith Gresham Smith & Partners 3/20/00
MSD Inspection/TCG FY 01 Corradino Group 7/1/00
MSD Inspection/Presnell FY 01 Qk4 7/1/00
MSD Inspection/FMSM FY 01 Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 7/1/00
MSD Inspection/GS FY 01 Gresham Smith & Partners 7/1/00
MSD Inspection/TCG FY02 Corradino Group 7/1/01
MSD Inspection/Qk4 FY 02 Qk4 7/1/01
MSD Inspection/FMSM FY02 Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 7/1/01
MSD Inspection/GS FY02 Gresham Smith & Partners 7/1/01
MSD Inspection/TCG FY03 Corradino Group 7/1/02
MSD Inspection/Qk4 FY03 Qk4 7/1/02
MSD Inspection/FMSM FY03 Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 7/1/02
MSD Inspection/GS FY03 Gresham Smith & Partners 7/1/02
MSD Inspection/TCG FY04 Corradino Group 7/1/03
MSD Inspection/Qk4 FY04 Qk4 7/1/03
MSD Inspection/FMSM FY04 Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 7/1/03
MSD Inspection-General/GS FY04 Gresham Smith & Partners 7/1/03
MSD Inspection-Capital/GS FY04 Gresham Smith & Partners 7/1/03
Allen Co. Intermediate Spin Biscan, Robert S. & Co. 7/15/03
Greensburg Pre-K Addition Spin Doss & Horky, Inc. 3/18/04
MSD Construction Inspection Services Metropolitan Sewer District 7/1/04
MSD Construction Inspection Services FY06 Metropolitan Sewer District 7/6/05
Danville Steel SPIN J.E. Black, PLLC 2/8/06
MSD Construction Inspection FY07 Metropolitan Sewer District 7/1/06
E. Broadway-801 Special Inspections Mattingly, Robert & Sons, Inc. 03/28/08
Smuckers Factory Addition Special Inspections J.E. Black, PLLC 6/26/08
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Project Name Client Date
Louisville Free Public Library Louisville Free Public Library 8/23/93
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Project Name Client Date
Greenup, Kentucky Expert Resources, Inc 9/20/88
Oak Hills Assessment Project Qk4 8/15/90
Mill Creek Action Plan Project Qk4 8/15/90
Hite Creek Rewiring GRW Engineers, Inc 12/1/93
Stormwater Drainage Mgmt Corradino Group 1/1/94
Roto Clone American Air Filter 2/21/94
Brown & Root, Inc. Henry Vogt Machine Company 3/28/94
GE Smith Cogen Power Henry Vogt Machine Company 3/31/94
TARC Above Grnd Tank Inspectio Corradino Group 5/12/94
Henry Vogt India Henry Vogt Machine Company 6/22/94
Boon County Antenna Phase A Public Safety Communication Ce 6/24/94
MSD WW & Operations Info Book Corradino Group 8/4/94
Mill Creek-94-262-052 Louisville Gas & Electric 9/6/94
Miller Park Culvert Constructi Kentland, Inc. 9/9/94
Oregon Stack Stair Henry Vogt Machine Company 10/6/94
Screen Wall Calculations Potter And Cox 10/7/94
TARC Underground Tanks/CDM Camp Dresser & McKee 12/22/94
Hermitage Farm Bravura 5/4/95
Property Appraisals/Presnell Qk4 5/9/95
Caramel Process Consult Ph I Pepsi Cola Company 6/6/95
Electrical Storage Vault Jeffboat, Inc. 7/10/95
Waterfront Precast Thorn & Orwick, Inc 7/20/95
Turbotechnica PO 74177 Henry Vogt Machine Company 1/26/96
Trimac Louisville FAS. 126468 Trimac Liquid Transporters,Inc 3/21/96
Trimac Calvert FAS. 126469 Trimac Liquid Transporters,Inc 3/21/96
Grissom AFB Firehouse Slab Argabrite Associates, Inc. 7/19/96
Neighborhood Place Fairdale Voelker Winn Architects 2/19/97
CAD Assistance/PDR PDR Engineers/Louisville 5/6/98
Pepsi Caramel Pepsi Cola Company 8/12/99
Haas Cabinets David Construction 8/19/99
Sign At 800JV Sign 4 2/7/00
Winch Foundation Jeffboat, Inc. 2/22/00
Pepsi-Brazil Pepsi Cola Company 3/6/00
Hyatt Regency Light Fixtures Hyatt Regency Louisville 5/19/00
MSD CMF Proposal David Construction 1/20/01
Jeffboat Production Line Structure Jeffboat, Inc. 4/11/02
Jeffboat Deadman Structure Jeffboat, Inc. 4/17/02
Culvert And Manhole Thorn & Orwick, Inc 5/21/02
Brenco Vs. Allstate Allstate Ready Mix, Inc. 5/22/02
Barrow School Ladders Barrow Company, Inc. 8/12/03
Wendell Ford Fire Training Facility Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 9/17/03
Winchester Place/Paul Davis Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 2/3/04
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Project Name Client Date
SCA Office Expansion Anderson Design Group 8/8/88
Bluegrass East Office Park M & K Interior Contractors 9/1/88
Kentucky Home Life Building KHLB Partners 11/21/88
Liberty National Bank-E-town Potter And Cox 2/16/89
Kentucky Home Life-Jefferson Potter And Cox 4/20/89
John Kenyon Eye Building Aetna-Lou., KY 4/21/89
College Industrial Park/Hunter Ray & Associates 1/17/90
College Industrial Park Bldg Ray & Associates 7/24/90
Kaufman Straus Oxford Properties 8/23/90
ANG Administration Bldg. Luckett & Farley 8/29/90
ANG CCT-Telecom Luckett & Farley 10/16/90
File Load Review Goldberg & Simpson, P.S.G. 10/22/90
McCubbin Motors Co. Crawford & Co. 10/31/90
Hilliard Lyons Building Potter And Cox 11/26/90
CHPS Boiler Room Floor Louisville Water Company 2/9/91
Collins Lane Office Building Worley, Wes 8/2/91
ANG CCT Telecom Construction Luckett & Farley 11/16/92
Liberty National Bk-New Albany Potter And Cox 11/20/92
ANG Admin Bldg Construction Luckett & Farley 1/20/93
KYANG Maps Building Anderson Design Group 3/27/93
Nationsbanc Building Metropolitan Sewer District 6/4/93
Hilliard Lyons Bldg Lectriev Potter And Cox 6/14/93
Park Place Building Midwestern Insurance Alliance 6/24/93
City Hall 2nd Flr. Renovation City of Louisville 8/24/93
US Army Reserve Center Brazley & Brazley Inc. 10/22/93
Paul Semonin Co.-New Albany Potter And Cox 1/6/94
Advanced Chemtech Addition Advanced ChemTech 3/2/94
National City Bank/Hilliard Ly Potter And Cox 6/6/95
Hepburn Lane-1523 & 1525 Duncan Architecture 4/22/97
Hamilton Printing Co./Dahlem Dahlem Construction Co., Inc. 4/22/97
South Sixth Street-125 Durning, Robert L. 4/22/97
Kentucky Financial Office Bldg. David Construction 8/19/99
Montaplast Office Expansion Calcs. Montaplast of North America 6/7/00
Boone Office Building Vaughn & Melton 11/30/01
Muhlenburg JCC Café Addition Potter & Associates Architects 6/4/04
L & N Shop Building Boehl Stopher & Graves 2/1/06
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Project Name Client Date
UPS South Ramp Expansion Corradino Group 4/5/88
USPS-General TBD+ 5/16/89
USPS Reynolds Corner-Toledo TBD+ 5/16/89
USPS Perrysburg, Ohio TBD+ 9/18/89
USPS Cynthiana, KY TBD+ 10/20/89
USPS 40' Study/Tucker & Booker TBD+ 11/6/89
USPS Tipp City, OH TBD+ 3/15/90
USPS Jamestown, KY Godsey Associates 4/12/90
USPS Jeffersontown, KY TBD+ 4/26/90
UPS Regional Headquarters M & K Interior Contractors 8/14/90
USPS Maineville, OH TBD+ 12/1/90
USPS Frankfort, KY TBD+ 6/5/92
USPS Owensboro, KY TBD+ 4/23/93
United Mail Processors United Mail 5/21/93
USPS Frankfort, KY Revisions TBD+ 2/1/94
USPS Owensboro, KY Constructio TBD+ 3/22/94
USPS Highlands, NC R.P. Carbone Construction 3/7/95
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Project Name Client Date
Louisville Zoo Concession Stnd TBD+ 5/18/89
Youth Activities Center Pence Construction 10/20/89
Zoo Pavilion Building Corradino Group 3/1/90
Zoo Concession Stand-Construct TBD+ 8/28/90
Polar Bear Exhibit City of Louisville 3/1/91
Louisville Zoo Master Plan Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 4/28/93
Louisville Zoo Echospace Probl Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 3/22/95
Louisville Zoo CLRR Work Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 5/4/95
Louisville Zoo African Outpost Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 4/18/97
Louisville Zoo Entry West Plaz Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 4/18/97
Butler Park Extra Work Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 2/4/99
Clifty State Park David Construction 2/19/99
Louisville Zoo Gorilla Forest CLR Design, Inc. 4/22/99
Senior Citizens Center Addition Scott, Gary Architect 7/6/00
Louisville Zoo Gorilla Forest-Wall Opng. #130 CLR Design, Inc. 4/5/01
Neighborhood House Stone Group 5/21/01
Riding Rink Ash Construction & Contracting 6/21/01
Louisville Zoo Divider Wall CLR Design, Inc. 7/3/01
Louisville Zoo Barrier Wall CLR Design, Inc. 7/3/01
Louisville Zoo Lorikeet Exhibit Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 2/6/03
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Project Name Client Date
Paducah Flood Wall W.R. Coles & Associates 2/28/91
Paducah Riverfront W.R. Coles & Associates 7/26/91
Paducah Terminal Barge Hull W.R. Coles & Associates 4/10/92
Paducah General W.R. Coles & Associates 5/4/92
Paducah Construction Phase W.R. Coles & Associates 6/18/93
Miller Park Culvert Design Kentland, Inc. 8/3/94
Flood Wall Exp Jnt Rehab-PO38558-02 CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 11/7/00
Flood Wall Joint Repairs-166498.AC.FW CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 12/18/01
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Project Name Client Date
U Of L Bio-Med III Research Bldg Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 9/9/05
U Of L Bio-Medical III & IV Res. Bldg. Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 5/15/06
Bio III Tunnel - Extra Services Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 9/11/06
U Of L Bio Medical III & IV Site Work Extra Arrasmith Judd Rapp Chovan Inc 3/14/08
BRB Boiler Upgrade Omni Architects 11/06/08
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Project Name Client Date
Ford Seismic Block PARCO Construction 7/27/94
BRB Seismic Anchorages Drennan Equipment Co. 7/21/04
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Project Name Client Date
Young Storage-Lexington Receveur Construction Co. Inc 12/15/87
Fourth Avenue Trolley Anderson Design Group 3/4/88
Naval Ordinance Windows Anderson Design Group 7/21/88
Henry Vogt-17307 Henry Vogt Machine Company 8/1/88
Shawnee Gardens Anderson Design Group 8/5/88
Load Rating-Port Of Louisville Port of Louisville 8/8/88
Naval Ordinance Crane Support Corradino Group 11/21/88
Muldoon Monument Muldoon Monument Company 1/6/89
Farm Bureau Tank Thorn & Orwick, Inc 10/6/89
Naval Ordinance Manhole Thorn & Orwick, Inc 12/14/89
Column Removal Studies St. Matthews Mall 1/23/90
Value Engineering U.S. Cost 1/30/90
Hunter Glass Inspection HGP Architectural Glass 2/27/90
Hunter Glass Crane Structure HGP Architectural Glass 2/28/90
Kintec Storage Shed Aetna-Cin., OH 2/28/90
Unit Structures-Magnolia Hirn Reed Harper & Eisinger 8/17/90
Unit Structures-Morrisville Hirn Reed Harper & Eisinger 10/1/90
Filter House American Air Filter 10/18/90
Tank Inspection Louisiana Dock Co. 10/26/90
Storage Building Pence Construction 1/2/92
Ratterman Deck Ratterman, Davidman 2/5/92
Light Pole Foundation Pence Construction 3/14/92
BF Goodrich Settler Tank Abel Construction Co. 7/21/92
Nashville Signing Upgrade HNTB Corp./Louisville, KY 12/3/92
Bioroughing Chlorine Railcar Camp Dresser & McKee 3/16/93
College Industrial Park Bldg 4 Ray & Associates 9/24/93
Humana Hanger Potter And Cox 10/14/93
UPS Inventory Express Genco 9/21/94
Henry Vogt-Chevron #17342 Henry Vogt Machine Company 9/21/94
RAA-On Call Structural Regional Airport Authority 11/22/94
Ballard Wildlife Sanctuary EV Engineering, Inc. 3/22/95
Louisville Riverwalk Wallace Roberts & Todd 4/20/95
GMPT Bedford Plant Abel Construction Co. 4/20/95
B&W Tower Canopy/P&C Potter And Cox 6/12/95
Waterfront Wharf Retaining Wal Qk4 6/22/95
Wheeler Ave CSO Flood Control EV Engineering, Inc. 9/6/95
American Communication Service ACSI 9/6/95
Waterfront Wharf Extra Service Qk4 10/6/95
Eaglestone Gazebo Scott, Gary Architect 2/7/96
Flowaire Stacks PO PF2121-06 R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 5/4/96
Flowaire Canopy PO 690017-01 R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 5/4/96
Montaplast Office Addition Scott, Gary Architect 6/20/96
Crane Beam Design Southeastern Real Estate 7/3/96
Flowaire Heckett Hoods R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 7/19/96
Flowaire Avesta Sheffield R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 8/6/96
Flowaire KVS Blue Circle Lime R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 8/21/96
Public Radio Part Elec Bldg Grossman Chapman Klarer 9/19/96
Flowaire KVS Blue Circle Lime2 R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 9/19/96
Seelbach Dance Floor Lindsey Morden Claim Services 9/20/96
Flowaire Jakarta R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 10/21/96
Flowaire James Hardy Gypsum R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 10/21/96
Flowaire Magotteaux R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 10/21/96
KY Manufacturing Bldg A Kentucky Manufacturing Co. 12/17/96
Flowaire FLS US Army R.L.Flowers & Associates, Inc 12/19/96
Close Combat Tactical Facility DCO Const./Childers Corp. 4/22/97
Warren County/PDR PDR Engineers/Louisville 11/7/97
Jeffboat Plate Shop Runway Jeffboat, Inc. 1/6/98
Montaplast Entry Structure Scott, Gary Architect 1/27/98
Cabel Street/PDR PDR Engineers/Louisville 2/23/98
Montaplast Ph II Manufacturing Burchville & Thomas 3/1/98
Montaplast Platform Scott, Gary Architect 4/1/98
Multi-Color Dike & Foundation Evergreen Group 7/21/98
Allen Lane Allstate Ready Mix, Inc. 11/20/98
Public Radio Partnership Extra Grossman Chapman Klarer 3/19/99
Kensington Place Lane-Lots 66 & 67 Moore, R.W. Consulting 8/19/99
Commonwealth Conv Ctr-Sculpture Fdns City of Louisville 10/20/99
B & W Safe Potter And Cox 11/19/99
D.J. Inc./Nypro Scholtz Equipment and Sales Co 3/6/00
Jefferson Ctr. Retaining Wall Moore, R.W. Consulting 4/7/00
Blast Wall Corradino Group 4/21/00
Centria-P.O. # 30598 Scholtz Equipment and Sales Co 5/3/00
Montaplast Dock Lay Out Burchville & Thomas 5/18/00
Deltech-P.O. # 30569 Scholtz Equipment and Sales Co 5/22/00
TARC Trolley Canopies Moore, R.W. Consulting 6/21/00
Pee Wee Reese Statue Louisville Development Authori 6/21/00
Module Dust Collector-PO#2711 Fisher-Klosterman, Inc. 7/11/00
Jeff Boat Crane Jeffboat, Inc. 10/6/00
Louisville Palace Hanger Louisville Palace Theatre 12/6/00
Brick Fence Wall David Construction 12/19/00
Jeff Boat Platform Jeffboat, Inc. 1/22/01
Jeff Boat Spreader Beam Jeffboat, Inc. 1/22/01
Specialized Consulting Services/CH2MHill CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 3/9/01
Insul-Deck Demo Tilt-up Panel Insul-Deck LLC 8/1/01
Jeff Boat Magnetic Crane Hook Attachments Jeffboat, Inc. 8/13/01
Amtrak Ret. Wall Moore, R.W. Consulting 9/4/01
Specialized Consulting FY02-166404 CH2MHILL-Milwaukee Office 9/11/01
Jeff Boat Gantry Crane Foundation Jeffboat, Inc. 9/11/01
B&W Tower Computer Conference Room Potter And Cox 10/4/01
Southgate II Retaining Wall Moore, R.W. Consulting 5/1/02
MFWTP Crane Support Black & Veatch Construction 5/3/02
Garage Insuldeck Analysis/Worl&Golliher Worl & Golliher Concrete Homes 5/22/02
Elder Office Warehouse Ret Wall Elder, David 1/20/03
U Of L Chemistry Bldg Fume Exhaust Fans R.L. Craig Company, Inc. 2/11/03
Jeff Boat Tanker Deck Jigs Jeffboat, Inc. 5/6/04
Wendell H Ford Regional Trng Ctr Ph 6 EOP Architects 1/7/05
CII Crane Foundation Gilbane 3/10/05
Louisville Airport Interior Showtime Sign & Design Inc. 7/21/05
Braodway-801 E Shelby St Wood Re-design Kersey & Kersey Inc. 8/19/05
Allen Co. Pipe Hangers Kenvirons, Inc. 8/19/05
Jamestown MWTP Expansion Kenvirons, Inc. 8/19/05
Fincastle Building Kaden Management Co. 8/19/05
Weston Commons Showtime Sign & Design Inc. 8/19/05
Louisville Zoo Polar Marine Exhibit Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets 9/6/05
Johnson Road Retaining Wall Moore, R.W. Consulting 10/5/05
Beattyville WTP Kenvirons, Inc. 10/6/05
Generic Pump Station Kenvirons, Inc. 10/11/05
Jeff Boat General Consulting Jeffboat, Inc. 11/3/05
Jeff Boat Modular Tool Sheds Jeffboat, Inc. 11/11/05
Jeff Boat Line 1 West Barge Port Jeffboat, Inc. 12/1/05
Coyote's Lighted Roof Top Tower Coyote's Night Club 12/15/05
Tell City Marine-General Tell City Marine Contractors 1/11/06
Tell City Marine-Initial Survey Tell City Marine Contractors 1/16/06
Jeff Boat Sub Assembly Bldg Survey Jeffboat, Inc. 2/1/06
MSD CMF Truck Collision Metropolitan Sewer District 2/22/06
Swope Tie Off David Construction 3/6/06
Huntingburg Fire Inspection-314 E. 4th St. Huntingburg Foundation 3/6/06
Pole Barn-Calvert City, KY Ross Construction Co. 4/6/06
ACL Roof Garden Analysis American Commercial Lines LLC 4/26/06
Broadway-801-803 E./Shelby St Elev By 2' Kersey & Kersey Inc. 6/13/06
Mercantile Lofts Bornstein Building Co. Inc. 6/28/06
St. Lucie County David Construction 7/11/06
Jeffboat Stel Stacking Platform Jeffboat, Inc. 8/3/06
Meidinger Tower 23rd Fl IRS Cabinets Mercer Meidinger 8/4/06
CII Stair Rail Calcs Gilbane 8/9/06
Bio III Tower Crane Whittenberg Construction Co. 8/11/06
Jeff Boat Line 2 Keel A-Frame Jeffboat, Inc. 8/16/06
Jeff Boat Steel Yard A-Frame Jeffboat, Inc. 8/16/06
Pipe Restraint Kenvirons, Inc. 10/13/06
Culvert Under IN Hwy 60-Twinbrooks Subdivision Lorch & Naville, LLC Attorneys 10/24/06
Wet Well Failure Off Blankenbaker Lane Thorn & Orwick, Inc 12/11/06
Jeffboat Line 1 Rakes & Sterns Portable Cover Jeffboat, Inc. 12/28/06
Jeffboat Line 4 Vane Barge Rollover Slab Jeffboat, Inc. 12/28/06
Tilden Hogge Stem Wall Calcs The Wells Group, LLC 02/19/07
Farm Credit Services-OH Rowland Design Inc. 03/09/07
Jeffboat Line 3 25 Ft. Ext. Jeffboat, Inc. 03/30/07
Brittney O'Banion Vs. Movie Gallery Russel W. Goff, PSC 03/30/07
McAlpine Marine Industries Survey & Site Plan McAlpine Marine Ind. LLC 04/05/07
Farm Credit Services Hagerstown IN Rowland Design Inc. 04/10/07
Jeffboat Fuel Tank Fabrication Support Jeffboat, Inc. 05/01/07
Jeffboat Transfer Launch Improvements Jeffboat, Inc. 05/31/07
Jeffboat Sub-Assembly Crane Upgrade Analysis Jeffboat, Inc. 05/31/07
Jeffboat Paint Bldg Transverse Crane Jeffboat, Inc. 05/31/07
Jeffboat 150 Ton Deadman 4-5 Improvements Jeffboat, Inc. 06/08/07
Jeffboat Line 1 Barge Support Stabilization Jeffboat, Inc. 06/08/07
Culvert Under In Hwy 60-Deposition Lorch & Naville, LLC Attorneys 07/16/07
CSO 146 Swan St @ Beargrass Solids & Flotables O'Brien & Gere 09/12/07
Jeffboat Crane Damaged Bldg Column Jeffboat, Inc. 10/04/07
Jeffboat Line One Extension Across Gate 5 Rd Jeffboat, Inc. 10/04/07
Scovell Hall-Inspect&Rep Sagging Flr-PO4500018145 University of Kentucky 10/25/07
Farm Credit Services-Cambridge, OH Rowland Design Inc. 11/09/07
ACL Column Reinforcements ACL Transportation Service LLC 11/14/07
Jeffboat 76 Craneway Support Study Jeffboat, Inc. 11/28/07
Meidinger Tower Stair Opening Meidinger Tower Mgmt. Office 02/05/08
Jeffboat Buggy Track Jeffboat, Inc. 02/05/08
PNC Bank Vault Demolition Meidinger Tower Mgmt. Office 03/13/08
Tonini Building/SCB Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 03/13/08
Coffeen, IL Chimney Karrena International 04/10/08
U Of L CSX Bridge Beautification Rowland Design Inc. 04/10/08
Stala Unit Testing Moore, R.W. Consulting 05/12/08
Eighth Street-550 Sherman Carter & Barnhart Arch 05/12/08
PRP Fire Station David Construction 05/13/08
College Industrial Park Bldg 4 & 11 Exeter Property Group 06/10/08
Jeffboat Paint Overspray Study Jeffboat, Inc. 06/19/07
Beam Weld Deficiency Karrena International 07/10/08
Cedar Grove Tank O'Brien & Gere 07/10/08
USA NMR Replacement Vibra-Tech Engineers 07/10/08
Farm Credit Services - Bluffton, IN Rowland Design Inc. 08/12/08
Scovell Hall Remediations-4500028442 University of Kentucky 09/09/08
Boone Nat Guard Engag Skills Train Bldg-Concrete Pads KY Fac Div of Eng & Contr Adm 09/09/08
River Station For LMPD HCL, Inc. 11/07/08
Jeffboat Railtrack Review Jeffboat, Inc. 11/21/08
U Of L Granite Oval Rowland Design Inc. 01/08/09
West Point Independent School Cabinets Ward, Steve & Assoc. Inc. 01/08/09
Glacier Run Existing Exhibit Wall Remediation Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets 01/08/09
Jeffboat Sidebox Stand Holdown Jeffboat, Inc. 01/15/09
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Project Name Client Date
Druid Hills Drainage Survey James Winstead & Assoc., Inc 7/15/87
I-75 Survey At Lexington Area James Winstead & Assoc., Inc 7/15/87
Camp Taylor Survey H.E. Rudy Consulting Engineers 10/1/87
Gardner Lane Survey Watkins & Associates, Inc 4/5/88
Bishop Lane Survey H.E. Rudy Consulting Engineers 4/15/88
Coleridge Taylor Anderson Design Group 7/21/88
St. Germaine Court H.E. Rudy Consulting Engineers 8/1/88
Safety Kleen Camp Dresser & McKee 8/18/88
Photo Control-Cane Run Road H.E. Rudy Consulting Engineers 10/17/88
Mattingly, Patrick A.-Equipmen Mattingly & Associates 12/22/88
Southern Ditch-2 Qk4 2/13/89
Dover Road Survey Sunshine H.E. Rudy Consulting Engineers 3/5/90
Camp Taylor H.E. Rudy Consulting Engineers 4/30/90
PVA Mapping Analytical Surveys, Inc. 9/6/90
FR-1C & FR-2C/JDQ Johnson, Depp - Quisenberry 9/23/90
SD-2C/JDQ Johnson, Depp - Quisenberry 9/23/90
Southern Ditch Interceptor Qk4 10/22/90
Process Control Lehmann Engineering 2/1/91
Ashbury Road Birch, Trautwein & Mims, Inc. 7/26/93
Confederate Acres Palmer Engineering 8/23/93
Jefferson Co. Comm Dev Div. TBD+ 10/11/93
South Floyd Street-945 Paul Davis Restoration, Inc. 11/9/93
Millers Lane Palmer Engineering 11/22/93
El Dorado Avenue Sabak, Wilson & Lingo Inc. 12/16/93
Bardstown Rd Bus Dist Sewer EV Engineering, Inc. 1/28/94
Petersburg Road TBD+ 4/6/94
Smithfield Skees Engineering, Inc. 4/20/94
Bardstown Rd Corridor Sewer EV Engineering, Inc. 5/1/94
B&W Tower Parking Lot Survey Potter And Cox 4/20/95
B-21764A CR93 Over Indian Crk Fulkerson & Sons 9/6/95
R-21916B Hart St Reconstructio Law Construction, Inc. 10/18/95
Survey Plate & Sub Assemb Area Jeffboat, Inc. 12/19/95
Heyden, KY Potter And Cox 3/21/96
B-22609B Jefferson County Force Construction Co. 10/4/96
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Project Name Client Date
MSD Storm Water Pump Station GRW Engineers, Inc 11/21/88
Beech Ave Drainage Imp Project EV Engineering, Inc. 2/17/94
Black Pond Collector Project Skees Engineering, Inc. 5/9/97
Black Pond Collector Misc. Skees Engineering, Inc. 10/10/97
Valley Village I&I & Storm Sew GRW Engineers, Inc 1/22/98
MSD CMF David Construction 8/31/01
MSD Stormwater Outlet So Fork Beargrass Heritage Engineering, LLC 1/08/09
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Project Name Client Date
Zorn Water Tower Louisville Water Company 6/17/91
JCPS Band Towers & Video Platforms Jefferson Co. Public Schools 8/18/00
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Project Name Client Date
Belknap Warehouses 14 & 15 City of Louisville 5/24/89
MSD Warehouse Maintenance Bldg Metropolitan Sewer District 9/12/89
New Globe Warehouse Mathis,Riggs & Prather, P.S.C. 9/23/89
Falls Cities Warehouse Fall Cities Warehouse 11/7/90
Fort Campbell Commissary David Construction 10/23/92
KY Manufacturing Axle Assy Sh. Kentucky Manufacturing Co. 12/30/93
KY Manufacturing Shear Shop Kentucky Manufacturing Co. 1/20/94
KY Manufacturing New Elev Open Kentucky Manufacturing Co. 1/25/94
Vencor Warehouse Bob Wells Co. 2/2/94
KY Manu. So Wall Axle Bldg. Kentucky Manufacturing Co. 3/14/94
KY Manu. West Wall Axle Bldg Kentucky Manufacturing Co. 3/15/94
MSD Cabel St Storage Bldg. Metropolitan Sewer District 5/16/94
Montaplast Additions Scott, Gary Architect 9/6/95
Holm's Warehouse Spencer, Bob 10/6/95
Louisville Public Warehouse Kaden Management Co. 6/20/96
Zane Street Warehouse-1111 Southeastern Real Estate 9/6/96
Montaplast Calculation Review Scott, Gary Architect 8/14/97
Montaplast Building Inspection Scott, Gary Architect 2/19/99
Montaplast Hanging Loads Scott, Gary Architect 2/19/99
Montaplast Mechanical Unit Sup Scott, Gary Architect 2/19/99
Sand Storage Building Corradino Group 2/26/99
Montaplast Floor Levelling Scott, Gary Architect 3/4/99
Montaplast New Warehouse Calcs Scott, Gary Architect 3/19/99
Orbis Warehouse Conversion Pro C & I Engineering, Inc. 6/14/99
Montaplast Bays 8 & 9 Burchville & Thomas 12/20/99
Montaplast Restroom Addition Burchville & Thomas 12/20/99
Cabel Street Storage Bldg. Metropolitan Sewer District 5/3/00
Montaplast Storage Warehouse Montaplast of North America 9/16/02
Montaplast Inspection Montaplast of North America 5/22/03
Montaplast Dunnage Warehouse Fl Inspection Montaplast of North America 5/14/04
Zane Street-1111/Yoni Cohen Zane Management, LLC 6/13/05
U Of L 1st & Main University of Louisville 11/9/05
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Project Name Client Date
Highgate Springs Area Drng I GRW Engineers, Inc 11/15/87
Clearwell Renovation B502 Louisville Water Company 5/11/90
Indian Trail Square Drainage Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott& May 8/14/90
LWC Pump Station Louisville Water Company 10/7/90
San Jose Creek Water Recovery American Air Filter 4/4/91
Locust Lane Area Drainage Birch, Trautwein & Mims, Inc. 4/18/91
Middletown Drainage Improvemen James Winstead & Assoc., Inc 4/29/91
Beaver Elkhorn Water Treatment Camp Dresser & McKee 7/28/92
Beaver Elkhorn Construction Camp Dresser & McKee 5/12/93
Louisville Water Company Bravura 6/3/94
New Albany WWTP Construction EV Engineering, Inc. 7/18/94
Locust Lane Pump Station Birch, Trautwein & Mims, Inc. 9/6/94
Tindor Beelick Kirsh Revision Corradino Group 9/6/94
Locust Way/Walnut Way Drg EV Engineering, Inc. 10/6/94
Susan Lane Sanitary Sewer Lee & Garver 10/6/94
Hendricks County WWTP Capitol Engineering, Inc. 11/3/95
Jeffersontown WTP Improvements EV Engineering, Inc. 12/17/96
Catlettsburg Pump Station Thorn & Orwick, Inc 12/17/96
Locust Lane PS Construction Thorn & Orwick, Inc 1/6/97
Smyrna Rd Pump Stn Modificatio Quest Engineers 5/21/97
Westport Road Transfer Station Quest Engineers 5/21/97
Eastpoint Pkwy. Sect.3 Culvert Classickle Inc. 4/9/99
Meade Co. Water District Architectural Investments 8/4/00
MSD Water Sampling Strand Associates Design Eng. 1/10/01
LWC Rehab Of Basins 5&6 @ Crescent Hill O'Brien & Gere 2/4/05
LWC BE Payne WTP Rehab-10233 O'Brien & Gere 5/9/05
Harrods Creek Water Quality Assessment R.D. Zande & Associates, Inc. 7/7/05
Martin Co. Water District-PER O'Brien & Gere 8/19/05
LWC BE Payne WTP - Extra Services O'Brien & Gere 12/9/05
Water Tank Reviews O'Brien & Gere 3/6/06
LWC BE Payne WTP Construction O'Brien & Gere 3/6/06
LWC Crescent Hill Rehab O'Brien & Gere 4/18/06
BE Payne Shop Bldg Mark-up O'Brien & Gere 6/13/06
Martin Co. Water District-Phase I O'Brien & Gere 6/14/06
Lebanon Water Works Co. O'Brien & Gere 6/28/06
B.E. Payne - Lime Slaker Bldg. O'Brien & Gere 9/11/06
Russell Fork WTP Imp. O'Brien & Gere 9/11/06
Hillview WWTP Derrick Engineering, Inc. 01/08/07
Washington Green Pump Station Mindel, Scott & Associates 05/09/07
Inez WWTP O'Brien & Gere/Lexington 05/14/07
Bardstown WTP Clearwell Exp. O'Brien & Gere 09/24/07
Big 4/CSO 206 Water Sampling Stantec 09/27/06
LWC Crescent Hill WTP Construction O'Brien & Gere 11/30/07
Cawood Water District Kenvirons, Inc. 05/12/08
LWC Crescent Hill Const/Louis Paving Louisville Paving Company, Inc 05/13/08
Mt. Washington WWTP Derrick Engineering, Inc. 06/10/08
Martin Co WTP Construction Phase O'Brien & Gere/Lexington 09/09/08
Crescent Hill WTP Basins 1-4 O'Brien & Gere 11/06/08
Martin County Tug Valley O'Brien & Gere/Syracuse 11/10/08
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304 West Liberty Street,
Louisville,Kentucky 40202,USA.
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